The trip of a lifetime

Our annual trips are all about the children.  A time for them to relax, have some fun, and have some time away.  The joy they, their families and the Koru Care team get from these experiences make it a once in a lifetime trip.

Find out more below about what our kids get up to and those miles of smiles!


Experience of a lifetime

Koru Care Christchurch’s aim is to give some very special children aged between 9 and 15 years, an experience of a lifetime, assisting them to forget for a short time, their own serious (often ongoing) medical problems and enjoy themselves, as children should.

Most of these special experiences involve planes and flights, and every experience is fun, our aim is to achieve miles of smiles for children.


In particular, Koru Care Christchurch takes up to 24 children to Disneyland, USA each year. You only need to see the smiles on their faces to appreciate what a difference a Koru Care experience can make to a child's outlook and sense of achievement and happiness.


"Disneyland is truly the only heaven on earth...I have never been more happy in my life" 

The Application form for a Koru Care Experience can be downloaded by clicking the arrow below: 


"Thank you for the beautiful memories of her amazing time"

"I loved everything about the trip. Waking up each day was like waking up in heaven"

Watch the video from one of our trips.