15th July 2016
USA Here We Come - Meet & Greet

Last weekend we had the ‘meet and greet’ for the upcoming USA trip. What a great gathering and what a great group of excited children. They got to meet their room-mates, and they also met up with the other children going on the trip and the carers too.

Back packs, caps and polos were handed out to the children as part of Air New Zealand’s support for the trip.
The afternoon culminated in the ‘trip rules’ session which created a lot of laughter and friendly competition among the children, as they vied for some very good prizes. The rules were recited perfectly, not one rule was overlooked, and there were some extra ones quoted too! Well done to the children going on the trip, I know that they will be safe, they will look out for each other, and most importantly they will have so much FUN too.