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Koru Care provides special experiences for New Zealand children with serious and often on going medical conditions. These special children, aged between 9 years and 15 years old, are provided with an opportunity of a life time which is educational, fun, personally empowering and a means of further developing their social and life skills set.

The smiles on the children's faces and the memories they share with others reflect the huge difference a Koru Care Christchurch experience can make to their outlook and wellbeing!

"Koru Care you have truly made my dream come true"


“Koru Care in Christchurch provide a huge boost to families"

Hear from Wyatt Crockett - our amazing Koru Care Ambassador

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Magical flight a special
treat for Kiwi kids

What a magical experience! Thank you Air New Zealand for
your continued support, we all had an absolutely fantastic time!


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